Do you ship everywhere? How much does it cost?
Yes we do ship worldwide. Flat rate shipping for Finland is 6,90 euros. For the rest of the world we have three shipping rates: 1) max. 5 mini skeins/one skein (total weight max. 100 grams) 5,50 euros, 2) 2-3 skeins 8,50 euros and 3) 4+ skeins 10 euros. Finnish packets have a tracking code, rest of the world doesn't. If you want tracking please contact us before placing your order.

Can you ship my order cheaper?
Unfortunately no. These are the lowest rates we are able to offer atm.

Do I have to pay custom charges or some other taxes/duties?
This depends on your home country. If you live in any of the European Union countries (excluding those autonomous areas that do not collect VAT, i.e. Åland Islands or Gibraltar) you don't have to pay any additional fees and you don't have to do any paperwork for the customs. If you live outside the European Union you may have to pay import taxes/duties and do some paperwork. Either call your customs office or ask for help in one of your local Ravelry forums. It's very probable you'll find a fellow knitter who has first hand experience with ordering yarn from overseas.

What does dyed to order mean? Isn’t my yarn ready to be shipped right now?
We sell two sorts of products. In stock items are, well, in stock and they are ready to be shipped in 1-3 business days after we have received your payment. Dyed to order items are a different kettle of fish. They are created only after we receive your order. Dyed to order items are usually ready to be shipped in 3-4 weeks. If you need your yarn quicker please contact us before placing your order.

Do you wash your yarn after dyeing? Does it smell funny?
We wash our yarns with a fragrance-free textile detergent to remove any citric acid and dye residue. We will never ever soak the yarn in essential oils, store it with lavender/cedar sachets or add any smelly components.

What if my yarn bleeds?
Some colors (magenta, turquoise and neon green being the usual suspects) may bleed a bit in a couple of first washes. If your yarn bleeds like that pretty girl in a b-class horror movie then I have messed up and the dye isn’t set properly. In this case please contact us asap so I can set things right.

Can you create me a totally new colorway?
Maybe. Send us your inspiration picture(s) and I’ll see what can be done. BUT. Under any circumstances I will never try to re-create some other dyer’s work. Period. So please don’t ask.

I fell in love with a yarn in your shop but there’s not enough for my project. Can you dye more?
Usually yes. Most of our colorways are repeatable which means that I can re-dye them in any of our yarn bases. Sometimes I create so called ooak (one-of-a-kind) colorways and they can’t be repeated.

I ran out of yarn and need more. If I order new skein(s) will they be exactly the same as the skein(s) I already have?
We take great care in weighting our dye powders (we do it with 0,01 gram accuracy) but skeins from two different dyelots won’t be exactly the same. Sometimes the difference is so minute that it’s practically non-existent but probably the difference is visible esp. if you change skeins in the middle of larger knitted area (for example at the middle of the body of your cardigan/pullover). We highly recommend alternating between skeins which simply means that you knit 1-2 rows with skein #1 and then 1-2 rows with skein #2 and keep repeating this. Alternating skeins blends them and the differences won’t be as visible. A word of warning. If you have purchased your skeins a very long time ago it’s probable that the dye powders I have now are from a different batch than the dye powders I used for your original skein(s). It’s highly annoying but sometimes different dye powder batches are not the same so the dyeing results are not the same either. Again, I highly recommend alternating between skeins.

Do you wholesale your yarns?
Yes. Contact us for further details either via the contact form (don't forget to include your email address) or via email at lanitiumexmachina@gmail.com.

I host a knit event. Will you come to our meeting/retreat and take your yarn with you?
Yes. Contact us with the details of your knit event.

What events will you be attending?
Our event calendar is here.

I’m a knitting/crochet pattern designer. Do you offer yarn support?
Sometimes yes. Please contact us with your plans.

Do you host a knit night? Do you have a brick and mortar store?
Not yet but soon. I’ll be opening a showroom in Vallila, Helsinki in late August/early September and then I’ll be hosting a knit night once a month. The showroom will be open to the public at least a couple of times per month. More information will follow in July/August. (Secret confession: It’s not really my showroom. It’s my husband’s work studio. He just lets me to use it.)

Can I visit your dyestudio? Can I just show up?
Our dye studio is located in Pitäjänmäki, Helsinki right next to the train station. I gladly take visitors but this needs to be arranged beforehand. I have a super erratic schedule (or no schedule at all, to be more precise) so the odds are that I’m somewhere else if you just come. The building is also locked most of the time so I need to know that you are coming so I can let you in. Pretty please, this is super important: Park your car on the train station’s parking lot which is located on the other side of the road. Yes, there is a private parking lot in front of the building but all spots are spoken for. Even when they are vacant. All hell will break loose if some “outsider” parks there and the worst case scenario is that first you get a hefty fine for parking on private property and then your car is towed somewhere else.

Is you dyestudio smoke-free and pet-free?
Smoke-free yes. There are never any animals in my dye studio but I do own a horse. I never wear my stable clothes at the studio but if you’re violently allergic to horses you may get some symptoms from our products

Will you wind my yarn into a cake?
Yes. Just choose the winding service during checkout

Are your products and processes environmental friendly?
We only use mulesing-free merino wool. Nobody wants to get their butt cut. We recycle everything we can (paper, cardboard, metal, glass, plastic) and take problem waste such as broken electric devices and dead batteries to a sorting facility. We also use eco friendly mailers and recycled cardboard boxes for shipping your order.

What dyes do you use?
We use acid dyes (Jacquard, Dharma and Landscape) and fiber reactive dyes (Dharma).

How does your yarn club work?
In a nutshell you get yarn in a mystery colorway. We have two club options. In the Single Dose club you’ll get one skein each month. We ask you to choose between two color options: semisolid (=one color) and variegated (=multiple colors). In the Double Dose club you’ll get both skeins, one semisolid and one variegated. We also ask you to choose your yarn base. Clubs are shipped at the end of each month.

Talking about yarn bases. What bases do you have?
Detailed information about our available yarn bases can be found here. If you can’t find what you’re looking for just contact us. Our supplier carries a very wide selection and I’m sure we can find the perfect yarn for every project.

Who do you are and do you do everything yourself?
I’m Nea Nygård, ex-shrink and urban horse-lover from the heart of Helsinki. My story and the story of the company is told on the About Us page. I do most of the work myself. My mom helps me once in a while.

What’s you privacy policy? You know, GDPR and all that jazz.
Short and sweet. We collect only information you give to us and that we need for completing your order. We give your information to third parties only when necessary (for example we can’t ship your order without giving your address to the postal service). Privacy policy in length is here.

What’s your pet peeve?
Spelling. It’s dyeing. Not dying. I’m not dead.

Will you tell me all your trade secrets?
Surprisingly the answer is yes to some extent. I have shared some info in our instagram feed with the hashtag #dyestudiosecrets. There will be dye tutorials in the future.

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Terms and conditions

The company behind this webshop is Ink and the Dog (Finnish business ID 1906528-5/VAT# FI19065285). When you place an order you accept these terms and conditions unless we have agreed to different ones with you.

Placing an order.

After placing your order on www.lanitiumexmachina.com you’ll get an order confirmation email. If you can’t find it please check your spam folder. Order confirmation includes the product(s) you ordered, product prices and shipping&handling costs. You’ll also find payment information if you have chosen bank transfer as payment method. This payment option is available to people living in the European Union, Switzerland or Norway.

You can also place your order via email (lanitiumexmachina@gmail.com).

In stock items are shipped within 1-3 businessa days after we have received your payment. Dyed to order items are shipped within 3-4 weeks. If you need your dyed to order items sooner please email us before placing your order. If for some reason we can’t ship items within promised time frame we announce this on the front page.

We take great care in photographing our products but please note that the exact shade of color may vary from screen to screen. Different dyelots have minor variations. If you are making a multi-skein project please order all the skeins you need at the same time. This way we can ensure that the skeins are from the same dyelot.



Orders are shipped via Itella/Posti. Flat rate shipping costs are 6,90 euros (excl. clubs). We can ship your order to the nearest post office or SmartPost. You will get a text message notification once your order has arrived and is ready to be picked up. Please take your driving licence/passport/identification card with you as Itella won't release your packet unless you present some form of official identification document. Itella keeps the packets for 7 days and after that time period the packet is returned to us. This shipping method comes with tracking information which we will provide to you once your order has been shipped. Please double-check that the shipping information you give to us is correct. If you want your order via Matkahuolto or R-kioski (Ärrä-paketti) please contact us before placing your order.

Rest of the world.

For rest of the world we use DHL Global Mail. Flat rate shipping costs are 8,50 euros (excl. clubs). This shipping method doesn’t have tracking. If you want tracking please contact us before placing your order so we can calculate the correct shipping costs for you. Please double-check that the shipping information you give to us is correct. Customers are responsible for any import taxes, duties or other costs their government collects when importing goods. If you live in the European Union you don't have to pay any of these taxes or duties unless you live in one of those autonomous areas that do not collect value added tax (i.e. Åland Islands, Büsingen am Hochrhein, Campione d'Italia, Ceuta, Gibraltar, Helgoland).

Pick up.

You can also pick up your order (Helsinki/Vallila or Helsinki/Pitäjänmäki). Choose “pick-up” as the delivery method. We will contact you to arrange the time and date for your pick up. You can also pick up orders at any of the coming events we are participating. Event canlendar can be found here.

Ordering both in stock items and dyed to order items.

If you order both in stock items and dyed to order items your whole order will be shipped once your dyed to order items are ready. If you order a yarn club and any other item(s) these other items will be shipped with your first club order. If you want the other item(s) quicker please make two separate orders, one for the yarn club and another for the other item(s).

Yarn clubs are shipped on the last day of each month (for example January’s yarn club is shipped on Jan 31st).

If you place multiple orders during a certain time period (i.e. in December we release a new sale item every day between Dec 1st and Dec 24th) we can combine your orders. Then everything will be shipped together and you pay shipping only for that one packet. Choose “packet” (Finland)/”maxi letter” (rest of the world) for the shipping method for your first order and “pick up” (all countries) for your subsequent orders.

Payment options.

Payment options are Klarna Checkout's invoice, part payment, card payment and direct payment (Finland, Sweden, Norway, Germany and Austria), bank transfer/pdf invoice (Finland, rest of the EU, Switzerland, Norway) and Paypal. After placing your order we will reserve in stock items for you for 7 days. After 7 days un-paid orders are cancelled.

Pick up orders can be paid before pick up using Klarna Checkout or Paypal. You can also pay with card (credit/debit) or cash when you pick up your order (choose bank transfer/pdf invoice as payment method).

At events (pop ups, craft fairs, knitting retreats and other evens) you can pay with card (debit/credit) or cash.

Discount codes.

If you have a discount code please use it during checkout. Discounts can’t be applied afterwards.


You can return your order within 14 days of receiving your order. All items must be in their original condition. Yarn clubs are not eligible for returns. Cancel your order via email. We pay the return shipping costs when you use the shipping method we have chosen. You’ll get detailed instructions via email. If you live in Finland please don’t use payment on receipt delivery method (=postiennakko) as we will not accept those returns. We will pay returning shipping costs only when the order is cancelled via email.

Wrong, missing or faulty items.

If we accidentally send you something you didn’t order or your order is missing an item/items or your item(s) is faulty please contact us via email asap. We will send the right products/replacements asap with no additional cost to you.

Contact information.