Freak Circus

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Detailed information about our yarn bases can be found here.
* Basic Sock: 75/25 sw wool/nylon, 420m/100g.
* BFL Sock Twist: 80/20 sw bfl/nylon, high twist yarn, 365m/100g.
* Glitter Sock: 70/25/5 sw merino/nylon/stellina glitter, 400m/100g.
* MCN: 80/10/10 sw merino/cashmere/nylon, 400m/100g.
* Merino DK Twist: 100% sw merino, high twist yarn, 230m/115g.
* Merino Silk Twist: 80/20 sw merino/silk, high twist yarn, 365m/100g.
* Merino Sock Twist: 80/20 sw merino/nylon, high twist yarn, 365m/100g.
* Silky BFL Sock: 55/45 sw bfl/silk, 400m/100g.
* Silky Merino Sock: 50/50 sw merino/silk, 400m/100g.

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